CEO Message
  • Message from CEO

    We have undertaken the responsibility of setting new industry standards, leading by example, and striving to enhance the quality of education and support for our students and dedicated employees. Our vision is to establish a safer, more advanced, and sustainable education sector. At EP Academy, our distinction lies not only in ownership but also in our dynamic management team. We are committed to providing education and training services tailored to meet the specific needs of our students and local partners.

    I feel very privileged to manage a team of young and energetic professionals, who are both hard-working and progressive. Our Passion is to enable greatness in people by empowering them and providing an opportunity to grow. Each and every member of our organization shares the same fundamental values that help inspire and motivate others and fuel efficiency on every level. We are motivated to thrive on challenges and driven to succeed through balancing commitments and opportunities including staff trainings, exchanges, and other types of positive reinforcement.

    I am honoured to lead a team of young and dynamic professionals who are not only hardworking but also forward-thinking. Our collective passion is to unlock the potential within individuals, empowering them and offering opportunities for personal and professional growth. Every member of our organisation shares a core set of values that inspire and motivate others, fostering efficiency at all levels. We thrive on challenges and are dedicated to achieving success while maintaining a balance between our commitments and opportunities, which include staff training, knowledge exchange, and other forms of positive reinforcement.

    We are proud to announce our expansion into other regions of Sri Lanka. Our new presence in the Eastern province presents exciting opportunities for both students and local partners. Furthermore, we have recently introduced medical science courses and are collaborating with other educational institutions and hospitals to further develop our offerings. EP Academy boasts a track record of progress and diverse pool of experienced lecturers. We are, at our core, a people -centric business, guided by strong values and a resolute belief in the “YES WE CAN!” ethos. Our commitment to providing personal care attention to our students underscores our belief that each and every one of our students is invaluable to us.